Cummins 4.5 L. (275 cu. In.) Engine 4 Turbo cylinders.

148 hp (110 KW) 2,200 RPM, power increase to 156 HP (116 KW) 2,000 RPM.

Front tread bandwidth: 134.25 inches (3410mm).

Rear tread bandwidth: Adjustable from 2448mm (96.4 inches) to 135.7 inches (3448).

3-speed hydrostatic electric motors.

Field speed: 26 km / h - road speed: 37km / h.

Planetary gearbox

Harvest Manager Pro: Ground speeds, engine speed, head height, head angle, head float, SPM blade or RPM blade, reel speed, conveyor speed, hydraulic oil temperature, reel and conveyor index .

DUAL Direction Operator Station, Ultra Glide Cab Suspension.

Luxury Multi-adjustable seat, folding trainer seat, windshield wiper, air conditioner / heater, cabin exit lighting.

Optional: Lighting and marking kit for the front travel of the cab, reversible valve and plumbing, double row accessory, pressure sensor kit (for better head control), spring reinforcement. Tilt of the hydraulic head. Compatible with most GPS systems. Not all options are available for all models.